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Online Banking in Mauritius

Online banking and mobile banking app in Mauritius are two perfect way to use technology to manage your bank accounts from computer, smartphone or tablet. You can log in to online and mobile banking in Mauritius directly from site or app to view your account balances, make credit payments, sign up for alerts, and find nearby ATMs to withdraw cash. 

Stay on top of your finances without the danger of enjoy the invaluable convenience of having instantaneous access to your account at any time.

Here are some of the advantages of online banks and mobile banking app in Mauritius:

Quick access

There are a number of security specs that are helpful in stopping fraud on your accounts like reporting a lost or setting up alerts or stolen debit card. With alerts, you will get email or text notification on account activity so you are forever in the know when it comes to your money.

Simple check depositing 

Mobile banking app in Mauritius specs mobile check deposit. Simply sign the check, scan the back and front, and pick the account for depositing.

Easy bill pay

If you are tired of writing out checks and spending your hard-earned cash on stamps, toss the checkbook and pay your bills via bill pay. Just pick the vendor, the amount you want to pay and the date you want the payment sent. Virtually, pay your bills within minutes each month.

Safe and encrypted

Keeping your personal information secure and safe is top priority of digital banking Mauritius. With mobile and online banking in Mauritius, each users picks a password and username. All users are needed to authenticate their accounts to make sure security. Through Mauritius online banking you can even enable face recognition or touch ID to open the app. Enjoy the convenience and feel safe about transferring funds, checking your balance, depositing checks, and making payments through internet.

Fewer fees

Another advantage of doing your online banking in Mauritius is that you may be capable to keep more on fees. With a traditional bank, you may be on the hook for a big range of fees, including direct deposit fees, minimum balance fees, late fees, check fees, over-limit fees, and debit card fees. Because online banks tend to have lower operating costs, you typically would not have to shell out as much for all these pretty changes.

Some online banks in Mauritius will also cover ATM charges, regardless of where you make withdrawals. Just be sure to read the fine prints since you may just get credit for a certain number of transactions each month.

Mobile Banking in Mauritius - anytime and anywhere access

The best thing about online banks is that they are forever open which  means you can access your account anywhere and anytime. You can set up automatic online money transfer in Mauritius, schedule bill payments or check your balance using mobile banking app in Mauritius.  Some online banks even permit you to set up mobile text alerts to help you keep track payments or alert you if your balance is getting low. While many traditional banks provide these same services, they are not accessible everywhere which can be a hassle if you need to be capable to bank on the go.