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Welcome to FIYMO

Fiymo is an online and mobile money financial service focused on offering you with the best payment solutions, flexibility and ease of use. We are firm believers that banks need to evolve with the times and provide customers the best quality and results. We are a 100%, fully digital money manager that delivers financial solutions through the power of the internet. 

FIYMO is here to deliver transparent, professional solutions that you can always rely on. Our services are very professional, easy to use and fully comprehensive. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure your safety, while also making financial solutions very comprehensive and easy to adapt to your own requirements. 

We believe that technology is empowering, it allows you to push the boundaries, while also accessing the solutions you always needed. With our help, you get to do all of that and so much more. We are firm believers that managing your finances doesn’t have to be complex, nor does it need to be challenging. Thanks to us, you have access to the most comprehensive, modern banking solutions that you always needed.

It’s our goal to help you maintain your flexibility and focus on your tasks, while we are here ready to assist every step of the way. Banking services should always be available from your phone, and we are here to further improve on that idea and push things to the next level.

What makes us unique is that we provide full transparency, comprehensive live chat support, full transparency with no hidden fees and no paperwork. We want to make banking feel simple, convenient and always under your fingertips.

Our company is on a mission to establish new digital and mobile money standards, while also serving clients the way they always wanted. All you need is to give our services a try for yourself, and we guarantee you will have a very good experience every time.